Monday, December 6, 2010

Great News and Happy Monday!

Good Morning! Hope all is bright and cheery in your world and it is back to Monday again. So Happy Monday to you! Hubby and I had a wonderful holiday and I had a great time with my sissy in Fla. too! We hadn't taken a vacation together in some time.....good bonding fun!

I have some news....after some careful thinking I have decided to create a new blog! This blog here I am going to import over to my new one whenever it decides to let me do it....puter'! The new blog will have no labels, limitations, etc. when it comes to it will not just be vegan or rawfood even though I will be incorporating them in also! Hubby and I felt that it was time to have other kinds of proteins into our meal plans and other things too. So we will be eating as healthy as we feel possible for us. This new blog will not just be focused on food, but travel, pets, life, relationships.....whatever comes to me and that I can express, create, and have fun with. With this blog I have had fun, but just felt very limited! So if you feel inclined to follow me over that would be great...if not, I completely understand...even though I hope to see you there...he he! Hope you all are enjoying your holiday season! Hugs and Thank YOU! My new blogs address is:

12.16.10 Update: I have decided to keep both of my blogs open! Merry Christmas (Hugs to all!)